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Introducing the "Liquid" mirror series, a captivating collection that combines distinctive shapes and playful finishes inspired by the free-flowing movements of fluid. With a high gloss finish, these mirrors provide depth and reflectiveness, enhancing the mirror illusion and visually extending the space.


In particular, the pink Cadillac color variant within the "Liquid" series exudes a vibrant and lively energy. The bold pink hue adds a touch of glamour and excitement to any setting, making a statement and injecting a sense of fun into the overall aesthetic.


Each mirror within this series showcases unique shapes that mirror the organic flow of liquid. From sinuous curves to dynamic ripples, these designs capture the essence of fluidity and bring a sense of movement to any space.


The "Liquid" mirror series is a perfect choice for those seeking to create an eye-catching focal point in their home, boutique, or any other environment. With their unique shapes, fun finishes, and high gloss surface, these mirrors offer a visual experience that is both captivating and inspiring.

Liquid Cadillac


Height: 21"

Width: 20"

Depth: 1.3"


Material and Techniques

Plaster, Epoxy, Mirror, Felt textile

Creation Year


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